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A small selection of Lotus cars for sale

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Immaculate 2002 S2 Sport Tourer Elise 32500 miles
NOW SOLD - Similar cars always wanted for our stock!! Fresh into stock we have another great ..
2003 Lotus Elise S2 111S Low Mileage
Now sold - Similar required for stock   Here we have for sale this fantastic Elise 1..
2003 VX220 Turbo - SOLD
Now sold - More VX220/Elise/Exige required - contact us for a quote before PXing or selling your ..
2001 Elise S2 K Series Ultra Low Mileage
SOLD - More Immaculate Elise/Exige VX220 required Here I’m delighted to have for sale this ve..
2014 Elise 1.6 - Canyon Red - Touring pack
SOLD Fresh into stock we have the fantastic 2014 Elise in flawless and it has to be said beau..
2002 VX220 Lightning
SOLD - More immaculate examples required for stock call us for a valuation   For sal..
2006 Lotus Exige S
SOLD - More Exige/Elise wanted for stock     ..