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Elise to Exige front end conversion kit
This special offer is for the whole front end conversion kit to transform any S2 Elise from 2001 ..
Lotus Elise S2 O Sport composite diffuser
Lotus Elise S2 O Sport composite diffuser Here we have a new composite diffuser for the S2 El..
Lotus Exige 2010 two part front splitter
Two part splitter suitable for the 2010 MY Lotus Exige front clamshell. Hand made using the same ..
Lotus Exige front access panel covers
Front access panel covers for the 2004 onwards S2 Exige. Astonishingly the list price on the OEM ..
VX220 & Opel Speedster Rear Diffuser
Here we have an exclusive in house made rear diffuser to fit the VX220 and Opel Speedster (Turbo ..
VX220 & Opel speedster Spoiler
    'We are now producing replica "Turbo" spoilers which will fit any model of ..
VX220 Side "Turbo" Vents with mesh
Our own design for the VX220/Opel Speedster side or "Turbo" vents. The vents are available wi..